About Us

As a mother of three young kids, I discovered that all the apps I was downloading for them featured fictitious, one-dimensional characters you’d find on a TV show—not necessarily ones you recruit for the ideal immersive experience. Recognizing the need for a more interactive, thought-provoking storyline, I looked to our family’s dog, Monty, as the ideal protagonist to help fill this void.  Our first app, Monty’s Backyard Adventure, lets kids play with our dynamic, adventurous pet Monty and teaches them at a young age that it’s possible to have fun and learn at the same time.  

We hear over and over how much kids enjoy playing with Monty in Monty’s Backyard Adventure and how they wish they had a dog of their own.  This sparked the idea for My AR Puppy which turned out better than we could have imagined!  Thanks to amazing new Augmented Reality technology, kids can now play with a 3D Monty… or a dog they pick and name on their own… in their very own home.  Next time they ask you for a pet, you have something to say other than no!  

We hope you love both apps as much as we do!

Our apps are great for anyone who loves to have fun… and loves dogs!

Tamara Odinec, Founder

Monty Media’s Mission!

We want our apps to be “top dog” in your home and
have developed them to:



Encourage Active Play!