Monty’s Morales


We wanted Monty the protagonist to reflect his real-life spirit and attributes. With every wag and bark, Monty’s actions are always inspired by the real deal.


In addition to curating the most engaging visuals and language, we went above and beyond to ensure an excellent learning tool for children.


Children won’t just learn the fundamentals. They’ll embark on a 360-degree interactive experience that helps boost imagination and teaches the responsibility of having a real pet.


Through character development, setting, and relatable themes, Monty’s adventures flow into one cohesive narrative, leaving children eager to explore and learn.

About Us

Monty’s adventurous, spirited personality was inspired by my family’s own pet dachshund. Ironically, I also found myself uninspired by the interactive learning tools geared toward children.

As a mother of three young kids, I discovered that all the apps I was downloading for them featured fictitious, one-dimensional characters you’d find on a TV show—not necessarily ones you recruit for the ideal learning experience. Recognizing the need for a more unique character and an immersive, thought-provoking storyline, I looked to our family’s dog, Monty, as the ideal protagonist to help fill this void.

Monty joined our household ten years ago, and he’s been the center of attention for my children and their friends ever since. He’s fascinating, fiercely loyal (he sleeps in bed with my kids and barks if anyone comes near them), and loves to go on adventures in our backyard. We often find Monty trudging through puddles and borrowing deep in the bushes of our garden. This leaves my kids wondering ‘what’s next!?’ as they fantasize about Monty’s future adventures.

I hope you’ll join us to find out!

Monty teaches kids at a young age that it’s possible to have fun and learn at the same time.

Tamara Odinec, Founder